Paper enrollments and data entry leave a lot of room for error. Likewise many programs requiring online enrollment are forgotten by applicants, leaving you with active but unidentifiable members. Using proprietary technology from IDLoyalty, simply scan their government-issued ID and capture accurate demographic data. The technology is designed to simplify the enrollment process and deliver accurate member information to your database. Quality member information is key to successful loyalty marketing initiatives.

Many loyalty programs issue plastic cards and/or fobs to their members. Plastic items such as these are often lost or forgotten and can linger in landfills. Using the driverís license in place of traditional loyalty cards allows you to reduce program costs and provide additional convenience to your members by accepting the card they already carry. The main benefit of using the driverís license is to increase participation and the accuracy of tracking all purchases, not just the ones where the plastic loyalty card is presented. In addition, you can better the environment by reducing plastic waste.

Our Concept

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IDLoyalty Company Overview

The average person belongs to 14 loyalty programs. How can you make sure they are carrying your card? By allowing your members the option of using their driverís license for loyalty, you increase participation and satisfaction. Carrying a separate card for each can result in ďfat wallet syndromeĒ.

Our mission is to utilize our technology to simplify loyalty program enrollments and more accurately track member activity - all with one card, the driverís license.