IDLoyaltyís parsing technology allows you to seamlessly enroll and efficiently track members. Using the driverís license for enrollment and/or tracking comes with many benefits. Here is how it can benefit your business:

 Easy, quick and accurate enrollments

 Reduce costs

 Increase participation

 Save time at the point-of-sale


Check out the video below to view a demo of our capabilities in action



 Automate and simplify the collection of information regarding customers that join your program

 The driverís license automatically populates the enrollment form, additional information (i.e. email address) can be entered

 Utilize services such as address standardization and NCOA at time of enrollment



 Ideal for companies that want to augment existing loyalty programs to offer the driverís license as an option to the loyalty card

 Up-front technical work† to capture driverís license data and send to our server or to the client server with a response (primarily done internally or by POS provider)

 All transactions are sent to the IDLoyalty DL Library to parse out the data needed



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